U. S. Tour

If a simple act of Self-Care, Awareness & Love can uplift myself & the people around me, I am going to do it in as many places as possible!!

I am busking across America! Let your friends know I’ll be in their town:

COLOMBUS, OH 9/30, 10/1


CHICAGO, IL 10/3 – 10/5

MILWAUKEE, WI 10/6 – 10/8

MINNEAPOLIS, MN 10/10 – 10/12

RAPID CITY, SD 10/13 – 10/18

DENVER, CO 10/20 – 10/21

BOULDER, CO 10/22 – 10/24


LAS VEGAS, NV 10/30 – 11/4

COME STRETCH WITH ME or share this post with your family and friends in the areas above!!

For private Yoga lessons (therapeutic one on one sessions with props and hands on adjustments specific to your needs) email me @ VinnyBWellness@gmail.com

Length Strength Love,

~Vinny Bonanno


My first Music Video is available NOW!
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My Mission is to get people Stretching in Public, Taking care of ourselves and each other anywhere and everywhere!

Length Strength Love,
~Vinny Bonanno

Change of Seasons

I have been rewriting my narrative around “Getting sick” / “Combatting illness”.
Things I feel I’ve been conditioned to say:
  • “I feel like I am getting sick”
  • “I don’t want to get sick”
  • “I am fighting something off”

None of these words make me feel strong or empowered. I don’t want to be at battle.

So here is what I have come up with:

“I am consistently supporting my body!”


“Gauging my Energy Input and Output”


“My symptoms are my body’s innate senses keeping bad bacteria and viruses from taking over.”


“I embrace my fever, my runny nose, getting under the cover’s as often as I can, buying the softest tissues and hydrating regularly with water and tea.”


Support systems in place:
  • Ginger everything! Tea. Smoothies. Kombucha…
  • Raw Garlic daily. (push things out the pores!)
  • Fermented something everyday + spicy things!
  • Eucalyptus Oil, inhale and rub on chest, neck and philtrum. (opening the upper respiratory system)
  • Clove and Rosemary oil on bottom of feet before bed! (boost immune system)
  • AVOID added sugars and processed chemicalized junk food.
  • Good Easy Rest with my phone on airplane mode an hour before bed.
    What to do for an hour without my phone?

    • Brush, Floss, and Scrape the tongue.
    • Journal about the day, and plans and intentions for tomorrow.
    • Read a book! I am currently rereading Into The Wild 🙂

I am sending you all Loving Strengthening and Lengthening Vibes as we transition to Autumn.


CLEANSE! 3 days, Juice only?! 

I did it!!

1. Give the digestive tract a break. A vacation from fiber. 3 days off!!
2. I want to try everything once 😉

A friend gave me their Jack Lalanne juicer they no longer used!
I took to the Internet in search of recipes and a 3 day juice cleansing plan. Compared. Contrasted. Looked at my schedule and what would be most feasible. Boom 💥. I was ready!

Juicing Plan:
8am Green Juice
10am Pineapple Apple Mint.
12pm Green Juice
2pm. Lemon water cayenne. (Sometimes referred to as The Master Cleanser)
5pm. Beet Carrot Ginger Apple
7pm Almond Milk!

Time commitment? YES
Outcome? I wanted to see how my body would react to no fiber!
Full write up at the bottom!!

Here we go with the recipes:


Green Juice (8am and 12pm)
Recipe for 2 servings:

Celery: 6 stalks
Cucumber: 1
Green Apples: 2
Kale: 4 leaves
Romaine: 4 leaves
Spinach: bring handful
Parsley: small handful
Lemon: 1 peeled


Pineapple Apple Mint (10am)
So Yummy!

Pineapple: 1/3 of a pineapple
Green Apple: 2
Mint: pinch of fresh mint


Spicy Lemonade. Sometimes referred to as The Master Cleanser. (2pm)
So Strong!

Water: 16 ounces
Lemons: 4 Peeled (this is a hand work out!)
Cayenne Powder: a few pinches

Beet Carrot Ginger Apple (5pm)
Delicious MY FAVE!

Beets: 2
Green Apples: 2
Carrots: 3
Ginger: 1.5 tablespoons
Lemon: 1 peeled

Almond Milk! (7pm)
This was so great to look forward to!!

1 Cub of Raw Almonds
Soaked in water over night.
Drain and move to a Food processor or Blender.
Add 2 cups of water and blend on hight for 2 minutes.
Strain through a nut milk bag

BOOM: Yummy Homemade Pure Almond milk!!
No chemicals nor “natural flavors”.


This was so much fun. On day 2 my scenes of scent was super sighted I could smell each different tree as I walked down my block to the train!

Challenges: I was building a website for a client and needed to sit at a computer for an extended period of time and my go to is usually to mindlessly snack on nuts or popped corn.. so, I had a min panic attack, went on a walk and took some deep breaths standing in the sun light between the buildings in midtown. Then remembered it was time for my Spicy Lemonade!! It totally lit a fire inside me to get to work!

Yes it was time consuming, and yes I peed and pooped red beet juice for a good 5 days, BUT I felt super clear headed!! I got a lot deep meditations in and wrote a lot. thought about things from my past that had not come up in many years!!

Overall: Super cleansing, physically (bye mindless eating and binge eating), and mentally (out with the old stories and welcome space for the new ever evolving me.

Bring on the warming right heavy root vegetables of autumn and winter!

I love talking about this stuff, email me, send questions or feedback!
All My Love
~Vinny Bonanno