Happy Spring! Healthy Living Tips:

Do you Suffer from allergies during the changing of the seasons. Pick up some local honey! The theory here is that the bees are using the local pollen to make the honey. So introducing the pollen to the system in small quantities ready’s the body, and we will react less drastically when the pollen is all over this spring!

Ideally you want the bees to have made the honey within 3 miles of your home.

There is an amazing honey guy in union square who sets up hives all over Brooklyn Queens and Manhattan. His honey is labeled by neighborhood!!

Have a little everyday. In your tea or on your toast!

A Mushroom A Day! Did you know mushrooms attach themselves to abnormal cells acting as a marker.  Flagging for the potentially problematic cell for removal by the body. ANY Mushroom. Get fancy with shiitake or portabella or even an inexpensive white button!!

Feel a run down.. achy.. like a cold is coming?

Eat some raw garlic. Flush the body all the way out your pores! I swear it works. Think about it, everything gets pushed out! Mince up 1 clove. Mix with some honey and swallow. All you’ll taste is the honey. :-D.

Or..  Do you like guacamole? (Silly question 🙂 Mix your raw garlic in with your avocado! Done.

Also be sure to keep hydrated (always all days)!

Some extra oranges (vitamin C) couldn’t hurt 🙂

Happy Spring!!

Share your favorite healthy living tips in the comments below. Or in your very own post! #stretchinginpublic so I can see!!

Length Strength Love,



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