Pickle Recipe (No Vinegar)

While studying nutrition and learning about the Micro-biome (AKA our Gut!) I kept hearing about ‘lacto-fermentation’ to form the good bacteria we need to digest our food. I even confirmed with ‘The Pickle People’ (you know the people you see at summer and fall festivals) it’s true: they don’t use vinegar either!!

So I did my research. Lacto-fermataion keeps our Gut strong and strengthens out immune system.  So I got to pickling. I was so happy with the turn out I have done it 3times since.

And without further ado… The No Vinegar Pickle Recipe!!


Cucumbers. Salt. Filtered water. Grape leaves. Ball jars. Spices. Garlic. Dill (fresh &/or dried). Jalapeño or banana peppers. Whatever you like! Fennel seeds. Black peppercorns.

Key ingredient: Grape leaves for the tannins to keep the pickles CRUNCHY! I had to ask where the grape leaves were. They are in a jar with water near the olives. This is what they look like when you take them out and unroll!

Fill the bottom of the jars with your spices and 1 grape leaf!

Then put in your cucumbers. Cut or if they are small go ahead and leave them whole, they will keep crunchier that way!! 

Mix 2.5 tablespoons of salt with a quart of filtered water. Then pour into the jars making sure to cover the cucumbers AND leave 1 inch of air at the top. Top with one more grape leaf. 

Seal and place in a cool dark space. The counter may work. Taste in 2-3 days. You are looking for tangy pickled flavor that TASTES RIGHT TO YOU! 

IMPORTANT: be sure to BURP (open the lid to release the bubbles) approximately every 12 hours. So it doesn’t explode like this one:

Once the pickles taste good. Pop them in the fridge and have 1 or 2 (or 5) a day!!
IMPORTANT: If the brine gets murky or milky. Throw them away. This happened to 1 of my 25 jars this season. It means something you didn’t want got in the jar. No fear. Just something to be aware of 🙂

Small pickles are available right now.

Go out and try it. Let me know how they turn out. Or get in touch with any questions!
Length. Gut Strength. Love.


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