Do you say it? Do you whisper it? Do you sit at the end of a Yoga class confused as to it’s meaning and say nothing? Do you #namaslay or #namastayinbed ?

I have always wanted to know the meaning of words English, Spanish, or Sanskrit before I say, sing, or chant them. (I love the ‘Look Up’ button on the iPhone)

Big love to the teachers who explain Sanskrit words or chants before asking practitioners to recited or do them!

At the end of every one of my Yoga classes I give my short definition of namaste: ‘The Devine light in me recognizes and bows to the Devine light in you. Namaste!’

Unpacking it a little more: We are all made up of the same stuff; atoms, particles, what have you. We all breathe the same oxygen, atmospheric dust, Air! There is a connection between all human beings and celestial that is deeper than the eye can see. Energetic, if you will.

Namaste says: I recognize this connection and I respect that we are all equal. Human. Space. Or aliens. 😁
Much love, respect, and gratitude for ALL!!

Length Strength Love,


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