Manifesto of a NYC Yogi (Pre India visit)

Have you ever had someone pay you a compliment and you thought: Holy Smokes, I remember when the opposite was reality, or I remember wanting to have my life together like that.

Most recently, I performed in a show and someone said to me after “Wow. You have no hesitations!”
It seemed like a magicians wand flew, smoke rose and here I am. Much like I imagine life flashing before someone in a near death experience, I flashed back to a past version of myself. Thinking how I longed to feel a stronger sense of self worth every time I had hesitations or yearned to be more confident, to do and say the things I truly felt, deeply tapping into authentic Vinny!
My past flashes before my eyes as I find true Life.
I attribute this authentic life finding to several things:

1. Yoga. Stilling the fluctuating states of the mind in order to hear the seer!
2. Passion Planning. Setting a clear passion roadmap. Knowing where we want to go makes it easier to get there.
3. Ridding of doubt and Going for it! Speaking to every person I want to connect with! Teachers. Leaders. People in seats of power.  ZERO HESITATIONS!
Bonus. FINALLY at age 33 having a clear definition of God or Higher Power, I can confidently explain my belief to you now: God or Godliness, to me, is in everyone and is everything. We are all the same and are connected and once we recognize supporting everyone supports ourselves and the world at large we can find a heaven on earth and Peace within and outside of ourself.

Supportive Energy is transferred in many ways. Trick is, I find, is to pinpoint the ways that you can share your energy with the most people. Be it through the work you do, the way you carry yourself, the tribes you vibe with, or even your spiritual practices.
My supportive Energy sharing and connecting usually starts with a smile. Beaming from my lips teeth and eyes!
Thank you for reading.
I love feedback or perhaps you would like to share your own experiences with confidence, Yoga, God, or Passion.
Comment or contact me directly!

Curious what will come out of me after my visit to India tomorrow?! Me too.. Till then!
The Divine Light in me recognizes and honors the Divine Light in you, Namaste.

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