Cool. Refreshing. High Protein. Lots o’ Nutrients!


Get You Summer Gazpacho On!


Onions (yellow, 2 medium, chopped)
Celery  (1 bunch, chopped)
Carrots (4-5, peeled and chopped)
Peas (I used 3 bags frozen, you can also get fresh PEA PODS and SHUCK them)
Mint Leaves (fresh, 3/4 of a cub packed tightly)
Vegetable Broth (make your own Easy Recipe Here, or use a box or can)
Coconut Milk (2 cans, I like Thai Kitchen)
Oil (spoonful, coconut or olive)


Sauté onions in oil, about five minutes. (medium heat)
Add celery and carrots for another five minutes, till soft
Add veggie broth and peas, five minutes, till warm
Add coconut milk and mint
Then use immersion blender or transfer to a stand up blender
Let cool!
Chill or freeze!

You are ready to pack your icebox for a festival or a day at the beach or park!
Providing sippable nourishment, and the only thing needed in a vessel!

I recently made this for the Gratitude Migration festival! 3 days camping on the beach!

I froze the Gazpacho. Acting as Ice for the cooler, on the 3rd day it was still ice cold and I was able to offer a cool refreshing nourishing smoothies to fellow campers and keep my body performing with high good clean energy!!

Please send any questions or feedback!!

Length Strength Love


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