First Wear

I wore my new shirt to the city for the first time!!
(A shirt that I have been sketching and dreaming about for over a year now)
And here is what happened:

While perusing the steam table at Dig Inn in midtown east, a neighborhood I am rarely in, a beautiful woman in front of me turns, reads my shirt and exclaims ‘Me Too!’ 

Me: isn’t it the best!?
Woman: Yes! I danced all the way here!

We ordered our respective bowls. I followed her lead with a rice quinoa blend. I topped mine with cauliflower rice, sautéed kale, and spiced cucumbers! 

We chatted again about movement and our happy open energy while seamlessly finding a table and decided to eat together!! An hour passes while we discuss our mutual interests. Yogic journeys. Past life regression. T. R. E. Our private practices. Integrative Nutrition, Hypnosis. 

It was clear we were meant to be in each other’s lives!Karla SIPThis is Karla! Karla loves the color gold and dancing in streets on NYC!!

We asked a woman at a neighboring table to take our photograph. We then spoke to her for about 20 minutes about energetic healing, movement and mindfulness practices!

Stretch In Public.
Smile in Public.
Interact with people who look like they have good energy!!

It’s a movement of movement.
The more good energy growing the more chances it will come back to you when you need it!!

Length Strength Love,

P.S. Shirts available HERE!

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