My shoulders used to curve in and I looked at the ground a lot, letting other people make decisions for me. After honoring my truth & finding Yoga I now stand taller and look people in the eye communicating with confidence!

As a motivator, shaker, activist costumer/choreographer and teacher, I am on a mission to empower all to listen, communicate and honor our personal voice. I study and practice to deepen the understanding of our powerful bodies and minds, taking responsibly for our joy! Integrates Katonah Yoga into dialogue with self and others. I  founded the Stretching in Public movement and set out on a cross US tour spreading the message of public personal respect for self-care.

I shine in order to get everyone shining!
Together we Shine brighter.
Making this time on earth Happy, Peaceful and Joyous!

Former fat kid with nonstop hone-able energy and discipline to achieve my missions.
Bachelors of Science in Business, SUNY New Paltz, 2006
Certified Spin Instructor, Mad Dogg Athletics 2012
Registered Yoga Teacher 200, Yoga Alliance @ Yoga Vida 2015
Yoga Mentorship @ Sky Ting Yoga 2016
Certified Holistic Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition 2016
1-on-1 Mentorship with Brian Nygard
KATONAH YOGA® Teacher 2018
Always developing practices for efficiency & potential!

Drive: Inspiring myself, Inspiring others and enjoying the BOOMerang effect of Higher Vibrations here on Earth!
GOAL: Bliss

I am constantly generating happiness and wishing to share!
I’d Love to hear from you!
IG: Stretchinginpublic
FB: Vinny Bonanno


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One thought on “VinnyB

  1. You are awesome and such an inspiration. It is a blessing to have met you. You bring a smile to everyone’s face and put all in a great mood!


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