Yoga 4  ______
You or Your Crew!
I’ll design the class to meet your specified goals or focus.
I will travel to you or come to my Bay Ridge studio (fits 10, mats + props provided)

Yoga 4 Orienting Yourself: Private 1 on 1 lessons.
Yoga 4 Partners: Heated audible breathing together techniques with Partnered Poses!
Yoga 4 Serenity: Soothing Yin Yoga with lots of blankets and props.
Yoga 4 Digestion: Twists and breath work.


Health Coaching!
Call me your Cheerleader! Call me your Accountability Coach!

I will help you unearth and achieve your authentic goals,
while growing life lasting tools and skills creating behavioral changes!
I will light a fire under your ass to do that thing you have always wanted to do, helping you get super clear on your passion plan.
Starting by finding the root reason why you want to do it!
Let’s Make Thing Happen! Together!

Email me for a free consultation!
Call me your cousin Vinny!

Storage Clean-out
Have you ever felt cluttered, or forgotten where you placed something?
In this 75 minute session we will organize and change the way you view your possessions, leaving you feeling like you have the right things for the right you!

  1. Assess current belongings
  2. Meditation on what it means for something to “bring you Joy”
  3. Through the act of discarding learn what serves the new you
  4. Create lasting changes in the way you procure and store your belongings

You choose the category! Clothing, Kitchen cabinets, Books and papers.

Email to schedule you Storage Clean-out!!

Essentially You

Oils. Yoga. Vision Boarding!

Arouse the Senses. Move Your Body. Create a Vision.
A workshop that brings clarity to the mind and grounding to the body. Learn the power of daily self care with essential oils and asana (Yoga postures). Followed by an intention setting meditation, creatively preparing you to design unique and inspiring vision boards.

Book now for your Crew or Tribe!

Includes: Gift bag with essential oils, GOJI berry juice + Vision boarding supplies