My SuGaR Elimination + Reintroduction

I eliminated refined sugar for 3 weeks. (Yes I ate fruit. No I did not eat things containing sugar as an ingredient and no syrups: maple, corn, brown rice or otherwise).

Sunday night I reintroduced sugar to my body by way of a favorite treat, homemade by a loving friend, macaroons. (Shredded Coconut. Sugar. Egg whites. Almond extract)

I ate 1, slowly, as I journaled. Savoring the sweet excitement. I could not stop myself from eating 2 more. 5 minutes later my face felt like it was lit on fire. My ears turned deep red. Pain shot through my joints at my elbows and knees. A strong headache began in the back left region of my skull. I breathed. I journaled. I texted my support group, yes this is a real thing. I drank lots of water, flossed, brushed, scraped (my tongue. real thing. do it!) and went to bed.

Sleep was interrupted by intense wrist and thumb joint pain and uncomfortable temperature extremes. (FYI. This is not a regular occurrence for me. I generally sleep soundly. Even more often the past 3 weeks with no refined sugar)

I woke up at 7am and decided to only drink water and tea (turmeric and ginger root simmered for 10 minutes to reduce inflammation ) until I felt hungry. I worked on emails and calls from 8am till 1 pm. I went to my studio and had a 1 hour Yoga practice. At 2:30pm my tummy began to speak up. I made a green smoothie bowl with aloe, kale, celery, half a lemon, and almond milk (homemade of course) topped with some sunflower seeds and oats. Things are back to good with even temperatures and joint space doing it’s thing without screaming in agony.


Sugar, you are a nasty powder, snuck in everything, drug and I will no longer be succumbing to your pain and addictive ways. Bye!


Sugar turns off our hormone’s power that tells us we are full, Leptin. It turns up our production of Leptin till our brain can no longer hear it. See Leptin Resistance for the in depth story.

Sugar is 4 times more addictive that cocaine. Causing the brain to release surges of natural opioids.


Refinement of sugar invented in India in the 1300’s. Sent to Europe in the 1600’s. Considered an extremely potent drug. Handled under lock and key only by apothecaries.

In France it was known as ‘Crack’.

Marvelously addictive. Businessmen saw fortune. And produced it locally by using slave trade on sugar plantations.

Sugar is 4 times more addictive than cocaine. Refined sugar is not food. It’s a high calorie drug. Ground into powder so it can be dressed up. Imagine if we were all chewing sugar cane.

*History source from a lecture by Julia Ross, MA

My hope for my experimentation with elimination diets is to bring awareness around different food’s effects on me. In this case sugar’s addictive qualities and my bodies rebuking reactions.

1) Know the intital weeks are HARD
2) I lost 6 lbs in the first week
3) Read this

Stretching my eating habits in Public for all to read.
*A Movement of Movement*

Manifesto of a NYC Yogi (Pre India visit)

Have you ever had someone pay you a compliment and you thought: Holy Smokes, I remember when the opposite was reality, or I remember wanting to have my life together like that.

Most recently, I performed in a show and someone said to me after “Wow. You have no hesitations!”
It seemed like a magicians wand flew, smoke rose and here I am. Much like I imagine life flashing before someone in a near death experience, I flashed back to a past version of myself. Thinking how I longed to feel a stronger sense of self worth every time I had hesitations or yearned to be more confident, to do and say the things I truly felt, deeply tapping into authentic Vinny!
My past flashes before my eyes as I find true Life.
I attribute this authentic life finding to several things:

1. Yoga. Stilling the fluctuating states of the mind in order to hear the seer!
2. Passion Planning. Setting a clear passion roadmap. Knowing where we want to go makes it easier to get there.
3. Ridding of doubt and Going for it! Speaking to every person I want to connect with! Teachers. Leaders. People in seats of power.  ZERO HESITATIONS!
Bonus. FINALLY at age 33 having a clear definition of God or Higher Power, I can confidently explain my belief to you now: God or Godliness, to me, is in everyone and is everything. We are all the same and are connected and once we recognize supporting everyone supports ourselves and the world at large we can find a heaven on earth and Peace within and outside of ourself.

Supportive Energy is transferred in many ways. Trick is, I find, is to pinpoint the ways that you can share your energy with the most people. Be it through the work you do, the way you carry yourself, the tribes you vibe with, or even your spiritual practices.
My supportive Energy sharing and connecting usually starts with a smile. Beaming from my lips teeth and eyes!
Thank you for reading.
I love feedback or perhaps you would like to share your own experiences with confidence, Yoga, God, or Passion.
Comment or contact me directly!

Curious what will come out of me after my visit to India tomorrow?! Me too.. Till then!
The Divine Light in me recognizes and honors the Divine Light in you, Namaste.


Do you say it? Do you whisper it? Do you sit at the end of a Yoga class confused as to it’s meaning and say nothing? Do you #namaslay or #namastayinbed ?

I have always wanted to know the meaning of words English, Spanish, or Sanskrit before I say, sing, or chant them. (I love the ‘Look Up’ button on the iPhone)

Big love to the teachers who explain Sanskrit words or chants before asking practitioners to recited or do them!

At the end of every one of my Yoga classes I give my short definition of namaste: ‘The Devine light in me recognizes and bows to the Devine light in you. Namaste!’

Unpacking it a little more: We are all made up of the same stuff; atoms, particles, what have you. We all breathe the same oxygen, atmospheric dust, Air! There is a connection between all human beings and celestial that is deeper than the eye can see. Energetic, if you will.

Namaste says: I recognize this connection and I respect that we are all equal. Human. Space. Or aliens. 😁
Much love, respect, and gratitude for ALL!!

Length Strength Love,

Pickle Recipe (No Vinegar)

While studying nutrition and learning about the Micro-biome (AKA our Gut!) I kept hearing about ‘lacto-fermentation’ to form the good bacteria we need to digest our food. I even confirmed with ‘The Pickle People’ (you know the people you see at summer and fall festivals) it’s true: they don’t use vinegar either!!

So I did my research. Lacto-fermataion keeps our Gut strong and strengthens out immune system.  So I got to pickling. I was so happy with the turn out I have done it 3times since.

And without further ado… The No Vinegar Pickle Recipe!!


Cucumbers. Salt. Filtered water. Grape leaves. Ball jars. Spices. Garlic. Dill (fresh &/or dried). Jalapeño or banana peppers. Whatever you like! Fennel seeds. Black peppercorns.

Key ingredient: Grape leaves for the tannins to keep the pickles CRUNCHY! I had to ask where the grape leaves were. They are in a jar with water near the olives. This is what they look like when you take them out and unroll!

Fill the bottom of the jars with your spices and 1 grape leaf!

Then put in your cucumbers. Cut or if they are small go ahead and leave them whole, they will keep crunchier that way!! 

Mix 2.5 tablespoons of salt with a quart of filtered water. Then pour into the jars making sure to cover the cucumbers AND leave 1 inch of air at the top. Top with one more grape leaf. 

Seal and place in a cool dark space. The counter may work. Taste in 2-3 days. You are looking for tangy pickled flavor that TASTES RIGHT TO YOU! 

IMPORTANT: be sure to BURP (open the lid to release the bubbles) approximately every 12 hours. So it doesn’t explode like this one:

Once the pickles taste good. Pop them in the fridge and have 1 or 2 (or 5) a day!!
IMPORTANT: If the brine gets murky or milky. Throw them away. This happened to 1 of my 25 jars this season. It means something you didn’t want got in the jar. No fear. Just something to be aware of 🙂

Small pickles are available right now.

Go out and try it. Let me know how they turn out. Or get in touch with any questions!
Length. Gut Strength. Love.

Yoga 4 ____

your specific needs!

Be it Low back pain. A Late night drinking. Stress. Stagnancy. Over indulging. Wedding weekends. Anxiety..

We’ll consult about your lifestyle or daily and weekly itinerary and I will design a class specific to your needs!  Alleviate an ongoing ailment and propel you forward on your journey!

Yoga 4 Bachelorette

Kim here used Yoga 4.. a Bachelorette Party.

The Sugar Bowl (beach bar) was lined up for the night before. So, we did a liver cleansing light vinyasa class!! Everyone received Goji berry juice with essential oils to revitalize, invigorate, and fortify.

That’s me in the hat. 🙂

Contact me for your free consult and we can schedule your private lessons or private group class!

Length Strength Love,

Happy Spring! Healthy Living Tips:

Do you Suffer from allergies during the changing of the seasons. Pick up some local honey! The theory here is that the bees are using the local pollen to make the honey. So introducing the pollen to the system in small quantities ready’s the body, and we will react less drastically when the pollen is all over this spring!

Ideally you want the bees to have made the honey within 3 miles of your home.

There is an amazing honey guy in union square who sets up hives all over Brooklyn Queens and Manhattan. His honey is labeled by neighborhood!!

Have a little everyday. In your tea or on your toast!

A Mushroom A Day! Did you know mushrooms attach themselves to abnormal cells acting as a marker.  Flagging for the potentially problematic cell for removal by the body. ANY Mushroom. Get fancy with shiitake or portabella or even an inexpensive white button!!

Feel a run down.. achy.. like a cold is coming?

Eat some raw garlic. Flush the body all the way out your pores! I swear it works. Think about it, everything gets pushed out! Mince up 1 clove. Mix with some honey and swallow. All you’ll taste is the honey. :-D.

Or..  Do you like guacamole? (Silly question 🙂 Mix your raw garlic in with your avocado! Done.

Also be sure to keep hydrated (always all days)!

Some extra oranges (vitamin C) couldn’t hurt 🙂

Happy Spring!!

Share your favorite healthy living tips in the comments below. Or in your very own post! #stretchinginpublic so I can see!!

Length Strength Love,


Dreams Come True

Have you ever had a dream?

Have you ever had a dream, you wrote it down, spoke about it with your friends and peers, the more you verbalized it and the more you wrote about it…uggghhh you just couldn’t find the steps to attain this dream?

Well Ladies and Gents I am here to tell you that even just the action of having a dream, reminding yourself and those around you about it, Often, keeping it on your tongue and in your mind & heart, can lead to your dream coming true on a wednesday night without even having set out on that particular path that morning 😮

I’ll Paint the dream:

I Love Performing. Entertaining others. Showing what hard work and dedication to a craft can yield. Be it writing, acting, emoting, DANCING.

For quite some time I have been called to the ‘stage’. Living in New York City one stage in particular has caught my eye. The Street..The Subway Platform! For All to see! Those interested can stop to look on and others may continue about their lives. No commitment or obligation to watch. Just practicing a craft ready for onlookers engagements, interactions, questions, critiques, encouragements or nothing.. at the least I am Practicing!

My Dream: To Busk!! or street perform 🙂

Ask my friends I have been talking about this for a while.. and Last night.. It Happened!!

What Better way to use this past years studies of Yoga. 200 hour Teacher training at Yoga Vida & Mentorship at the Beautiful Sky Ting. Than to share it with the world.. or at least Times Square.. which is quite a lot of people!

It came TRUE: After seeing Something Rotten. (If you like musicals. This is the one to see!)  we walked into Times Square and I thought it would be a great contrast to be holding a static pose in the middle of all the action.. and I could use a good stretch after being seated for 2 hours 20 minutes with a 20 minute intermission. Enter Dancers Pose. Stretch the thighs while working on balance and filling the chest and lungs with all that energy and light!

Step 2: Take up space. Be visible.

Like I said this is coming naturally. No preconceived plan here.

I enlisted a friend and gave our fearless photographer the task of reorganizing walking patterns to get a wide shot!


And then It Happened!

I felt it. A gaggle of girls watching us. One began to shout ‘I want one.’ I replied ‘A dancer?!’ Her friends joined her in mimicking the posture and telling me they’d like a photo.. with me 🙂

Line Up Line Up!

I started to cue the posture.

Fun ensued. As we turned for the photo op..

 One sprightly youngin fell to the ground with a smile.

Hear your dreams. Write them down. Tell a friend. Tell everyone you meet. The more you talk about it the more you’ll workshop ideas to get you there and hey you might meet someone who has a tool or recommendation to help you achieve.

My favorite way of opening my mind to my dreams is starting with my actual, while I’m sleeping, Dreams.

Keep a journal near your bed. And whenever you wake up write down your dream. Even if it’s the middle of the night and that dream is fresh on your mind. Get it on paper. You’ll remember it.. or get it out of your head. They may speak loudly or they make speak softly. Usually they remind us of something we want in life!
#DreamsComeTrue with #Attention!

Length. Strength. And Love.

One last photo. The leader of the gaggle & I. Having a ball!! 

Close. Closer. I can’t see it. Closest. 

The closer a goal gets, the harder it seems to reach.

My goal has been to commute home on foot from yoga class in the new China town studio.

1. Staying outside!

View from footpath on Manhattan bridge.

2. Relieving myself from sharing confined airspace with over 100 people in one frigid or sweltering train car.

Let’s get outta here!

Total walking commute from studio -> home: 7 miles.
First attempt: Survey Walk. I made it 3 miles, half on the phone with my father discussing the changes in Carroll Gardens since he was a kid. What up a BIG VIN?

Second attempt tonight: 5 miles at a quick jog before jumping on the train.

This goal is near. I can feel it. My muscles are growing their discipline. As are many others mini goals that have come along since deciding to follow my passions and go back to school. Fall studies are taking shape and a commitment to come soon!

Passion Planning!

Set the goal. Write the 1st steps. However small they may be. One of my tasks in March was: 2 Migrate clothing from dresser to closet.

I have since removed the unnecessary piece of furniture from my home and now house a functioning Yoga Center with room for 5 practitioners!

Yoga Sanctuary
Yoga Sanctuary

Come take a class 🙂

Out path continues to evolve as our efforts are directed towards the amazing aim we have chosen!! Keep the goal in sight. Write it on the dry erase (don’t have one?.. Click here) or calligraphy it on paper and tape it up! Wake up and meditate on it each day or keep it in mind as we lay our heads down to sleep.. with an empty belly and some lavender oil. My new nighttime regimen! *No food 2 hours before bed.. our bodies need rest and digestion needs time to do it’s thang while we are awake and moving around! Not always attainable.. but a boy can strive!!

Strive & Thrive!

With Love, Length & Strength,


Body Honor

Welcome back! Where have I been? Back in School!!

I recently completed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program.

Most Intense Enlightening Physical & Emotional 💪🙏 life event thus far.
I’ve since been missing the structure of regularly scheduled exercise.
I spent June figuring out where/how focused movement fit back into my daily life while beginning my new special seat teaching Yoga, also celebrating another trip around the sun (birthday!) & and the U.S. realizing it’s laws were discriminatory!
Having a full time job, side jobs, continuing to enjoy and educate myself in my passions, (Yoga, writing & cooking), keeping social, paying bills, dancing.. the list goes on and on, the body’s upkeep can often be forgotten about.
So making sure to schedule our fitness (time for our body) is very important to keep our bodies moving at their peak performance!
The body is so smart while getting used in the myriad of activities we put it through, and if you have a 9-5 like me, dreaded desk sitting, it adjusts to meet the needs of how we treat it. 8 hours a day sitting in a chair, our lumbar spine begins to lose it’s natural lordotic (inward or forward) curve and the shoulders slowly start to hunch. Among other effects.. Goodbye fluidity in the hips.
Let’s get up and move!
Daily movement, exercise, fitness..whatever you choose to call it.
I like Body Honor!
Some Criteria:
  • Pre Meal. I love eating. Working out on a full stomach, not so fun. The body is focused on digestion, at most a brisk walk would be the best exertion after a meal.
    Before breakfast stretch or run!?
  • The Earlier The Better. A workout releases hormones in the body and expels toxin through sweat. You know how your day usually takes a turn towards the better after a workout!
    Before lunch is tough but the meal tastes much better after a good sweat. I look for that 11:30 or noon gym class before the hunger sensors start ringing.
  • Switch It Up. Running every day, hard on the knees. Only Yoga each day although great for the mind and body, the heart rate does not get very high. Same goes for lifting. Let’s think about the overall health of our complete body. Diversify!
  • Stretch. Leave time to talk to your muscles after you’ve literally just ripped them up. Stretching lengthens the muscles and tell them how we want them to grow back when the proteins arrive to repair. Long and strong, not short, fat and tight 😉
Commit. 20 minutes of cardio (focused heart rate elevation) each day.
21 days to create a habit.
Keep a journal. Mark a dry erase board or the mirror. Watch the difference in your mood, posture, & health. All positive 😉
Lengthen Strengthen & Love