Yoga 4 ____

your specific needs!

Be it Low back pain. A Late night drinking. Stress. Stagnancy. Over indulging. Wedding weekends. Anxiety..

We’ll consult about your lifestyle or daily and weekly itinerary and I will design a class specific to your needs!  Alleviate an ongoing ailment and propel you forward on your journey!

Yoga 4 Bachelorette

Kim here used Yoga 4.. a Bachelorette Party.

The Sugar Bowl (beach bar) was lined up for the night before. So, we did a liver cleansing light vinyasa class!! Everyone received Goji berry juice with essential oils to revitalize, invigorate, and fortify.

That’s me in the hat. 🙂

Contact me for your free consult and we can schedule your private lessons or private group class!

Length Strength Love,

stretching defined

we can stretch our body | we can stretch our mind | we can even stretch our creativity

SIP Low Tide

Whatever passion we want to stretch Let’s do it Daily! Keep Fresh. Don’t let the muscle (brain included) go stagnant: static or dead – Gross

Stretching brings joy to my body & brain



  • Posture
  • Circulation
  • Range of Motion
  • Ability to Relax!


  • Muscle Tension
  • Joint Stiffness or Inflammation

Why not do it in Public. you may inspire productivity in a stranger or even in boost your own #exhibitionist

good vibes aqui

guide to Rockaway Beach

My Faves: Uma’s (Uzbek), Bolivian Llama Party (Nachos), & Caracas (Arepas)!