Taking stock

I have a confession I have made to myself: My name is Vinny and I am a hoarder… well, I have hoarding tendencies. I find beauty in everything and sometimes hold on to things for far longer than necessary. At times to my detriment. Cluttering my brain, my space, & my life.

My latest Vinspiration has been one of proclamation. ‘I am a Hoarder!’ I shout as I hold something I want to keep but know I may never get to using as my to-do list is an infinity of wondrous tasks.
This proclamation reminds me to take stock in the things I have already stored in an attempt to shine & relate to my current lifestyle (we will not talk about keepsakes from the past #owningpartsofhoarding). I then decide is the item in hand worth the space it will take up in my home or in my memory bank or how can I use it. If it has immediate use HOORAY!!  If not, to the street it goes. You can find some treasures walking the streets of Brooklyn. 😉
Clear mind. Clear space. Open heart. Productive creativity!
My first Bone Stock – from my Thanksgiving Birds!

Mirepiox | The Holy Trinity | Safrito
Mirepiox | The Holy Trinity | Safrito

Quick steam! add Bones and cover with cold water. Simmer 6-24 hrs. add spices (Thyme, Bay, & Rosemary) for the last hour.

Bone Stock!
Bone Stock!

Prepare extra stock for freezer.

Potato Leek Soup

Potato Leek Soup

Chop, saute, cover in stock, med heat 30 min & immersion Blend!


Use the Cubes to flavor your rice or quinoa or any grain you boil!

Stock Cubes!
Stock Cubes!





Flavored Quinoa!
Naturally Flavored Quinoa!

Everything is better with guacamole!!

Avocado – ‘That Good Fat’

Lengthen Strengthen & Love


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